FARJHO Services

Introducing FARJHO services:
1. What is a FARJHO structure?

FARJHO is a new innovative business method of home ownership introduced by InvestorsAlly, Inc. in 2010 to help both aspiring home owners with increased housing affordability through the old equity sharing concept. It also allows existing home owners to flexibly and reversibly raise cash through selling a portion of the home equity that they own while continue to occupy the home property as a tenant and partial co-owner with other joint property investors.

2. How can I use the FARJHO matching service?

For an aspiring home owner, you can launch a funding campaign for the cash amount you’ll need in addition to the cash amount you already have either via a crowdfunding project or through the conventional ways with accredited investors and institutional investors to purchase a home. Once the cash is committed and pooled together, our company will assist you to form a FARJHO LLC to acquire the home property that will own the title of the property. You will pay the mutually pre-agreed market level monthly rent to the FARJHO LLC, which you will also own a portion of, as a tenant.

For existing home owners, you could raise a funding campaign for the outstanding balance of the mortgage on your existing home property plus teh cash amount you would like to raise for you to keep so that you could have enough money to pay off your mortgage debt and sell your existing home property into a FARJHO LLC and end up with the amount of cash you wish to have.

You will own a percentage of the FARJHO LLC depending on the new cash percentage you put in together with other joint property investors to fund the FARJHO LLC. After FARJHO LLC acquires the title of the property from you, the existing owner, you would then pay a monthly rent to the FARJHO LLC that you will partially own together with these other joint property investors in order to continue to occupy the home property.

As a result, you could flexibly and reversibly obtain financing for your home property and end up with cash by selling a partial home equity stake in your home to other joint property investors. In effect, you will get to exchange a portion of the home equity you own for cash with other arms-length joint property investors. After getting cash, you will become a partial home owner.

3. What if I want to sell my home?

The methodology regarding the maturity terms and the buy/sell agreements, if any, between FARJHO LLC members could be arranged and mutually agreed upon beforehand with other joint property investors before the formation and execution of a FARJHO LLC. Matters such as when to end and dissolute the FARJHO LLC structure and sell the home property, buy/sell with the first-right-of-refusal to other remaining members would be discussed, negotiated and mutually agreed upon.

Each FARJHO structure is completely open, flexible and up to how informed and consenting investors would like to get together to own home properties together in order to share the potential investment gains and losses of the home property while agreeing to have you, the co-owner, as the home occupier and take care of the home property.

In the near future, a secondary market may develop to facilitate the buying and selling of FARJHO LLC member interests in the free market under the full compliance of relevant securities laws. However, it is not a promise that our company will be engaged to offer these services at this stage. The attempts by FARJHO LLC members to pre-maturely sell the FARJHO LLC member interests may face illiquidity difficulties.

4. What is the fee involved?

As a crowdfunding portal, our company will charge a success fee upon the successful completion of your FARJHO project funding campaign. The fee will be levied from the FARJHO LLC which will be jointly proportionately owned by you and your investors. There is no cost to join and maintain a member account if you do not launch any funding project or invest in any other member’s FARJHO funding projects.

5. How do I get started?

By signing up for a free homeowner membership either at the crowdfunding portal FARJHO.com directly or at the homeowners’ social networking portal WeHomeowners.com. You may take your time and launch a FARJHO funding campaign when you are ready.

For crowd investors, you could sign up for a free member account at FARJHO.com and make crowdfunding investment according to the SEC rules to enact the JOBS Act in 2013 or later.

Please click below to access the peer-to-peer Home Equity Crowdfunding portal site at http://FARJHO.com:


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